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Candidate in race for State Senate District 20

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Jon Olson responded to NORML’s Candidate Questionnaire on 06/11/2020. Jon Olson's responses are below.

"I believe the federal government should end the federal prohibition on marijuana and allow the states to regulate it as a retail product, produced and distributed solely inside each state, under state-approved guidelines and regulations. Once we see how state regulatory frameworks succeed or fail, we could look at having Congress establish national interstate commerce approaches to regulation."

"There is a strong argument to be made for legalizing, regulating, taxing, and job creation for marijuana. However, we also need to understand how we determine how 'high' someone may be when they are stopped for driving erratically. We also benefit from decriminalizing, and even legalizing marijuana, as a social justice issue, expunging records from thousands of people who have been arrested and convicted for low-level possession charges. We know current laws harshly impact people of color, and definitely people at the lower end of the socio-economic spectrum."

Position on Medical Marijuana

Jon Olson responded to NORML’s Candidate Questionnaire on 06/11/2020. Jon Olson's response is below.

"Minnesota already has legal cannabis. The restrictions are many, and somewhat ridiculous. I would actually support state-level robust medical testing of marijuana at our medical research centers. Then we can know what medicinal value marijuana might yield across a wide range of therapeutic opportunities."

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Email: info@jonolsonformnsenate.com

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Phone: 507-222-9125


26301 Wyldewood Drive

Webster, MN 55088

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