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C+ Steve Bullock (D)

Holds office Governor

Position on Medical Marijuana

Governor Bullock signed Senate Bill 265 into law in 2019, which made various regulatory changes to the state’s medical cannabis access law, including setting rules for the laboratory testing of marijuana products and allowing patients to receive recommendations via telemedicine. (Link)


While campaigning in 2019 for the Democratic Presidential nomination, Gov. Bullock repeatedly said that decisions involving legalizing marijuana “should be left up to the states. … I think the federal government should get out of the way.” (Link) 2019

Governor Bullock has expressed concerns about legislative efforts to restrict Montana's voter-initiated medical cannabis law, stating, "I am concerned about the ability of thousands of patients with serious medical conditions to access a treatment that has been approved by their doctors." (3/29/16)

He has also expressed opposition to the federal infringement on the Second Amendment rights of those who use cannabis lawfully, stating that ATF's edict that marijuana users may not own or possess firearms or ammunition "implicates serious legal issues under the Second Amendment, and the equal protection and due process clauses of the Fifth Amendment. The ATF letter does not take this into account, even though the controlling federal regulation recognizes that a person who uses a controlled substance in a manner prescribed by a physician is not disqualified from possessing or buying ammunition or guns" under federal law. (10/4/11)

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