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F Michael Montesano (R - NY) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office State Assembly District 15


“He’s talking about the legalization generating $300 million in tax revenue,” Montesano said. “I would like to know what he is basing that revenue on. We also know there’s going to be a hefty sales tax he’s going to put on there. We know that retailers are going to have to pay permit fees and licensing fees. But in California, since they have legalized marijuana, the cost on the retailer and the sales tax have been so burdensome, and it has made the price of marijuana so exorbitant, that people are going back to illegal dealers again.” - Levittown Tribune 

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Email: MontesanoM@nyassembly.gov

Web: https://nyassembly.gov/mem/Michael-Montesano

Phone: 518-455-4684


Legislative Office Building 437

Albany, NY 12248

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