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F Dan Forest (R - NC) NO MEDICAL USE
Position on Marijuana Legalization

In response to NC Values Coalition Questionnaire: I support the legalization of recreational marijuana? Answered Strongly Disagree. 

Response to 2020 NC Family Policy Council's question “Should North Carolina legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes?” NO


Position on Medical Marijuana

An 'F' letter grade indicates that this member expresses significant and vocal opposition to marijuana law reform

Forest is evasive on the issue. In a 2013 town hall held in conjuction with a former representative Nathan Ramsey, Forest deflected questions to Ramsey:

"Several audience members questioned Forest about the use of medical marijuana, including Janessa Shelton, a Transylvania County resident whose 12-year-old daughter has Dravet Syndrome, which she described as a rare and catastrophic form of epilepsy resulting in around-the-clock seizures.
From online forums and doctors who were willing to talk about it, Shelton learned that her daughter’s condition might improve drastically with medical marijuana.
“But the prohibition of it in North Carolina prohibits me from even trying it. My mom had non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 1988, and the doctors back then said she should use marijuana,” she said, choking back tears. “Why we are here in 2013 having to debate this is amazing. People are needlessly suffering. Why should we be criminals to get medicine? Prohibition of it is the crime. I would really love our state officials to leave these decisions in the hands of doctors.“
Forest responded by saying he wasn’t a doctor and didn’t have a solid understanding of the uses of medical marijuana, and asked Ramsey if he had an official position."


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