Politician Info
? Allen Wellons (D - NC)

Did not respond to NC NORML's 2020 Primary Questionnaire

From his website:

There is a rising bipartisan consensus the criminal justice reform is long past due. North Carolina has seen immense growth in the prison population over the last thirty years. Black, Brown, and poor people have been historically incarecerated at higher rates. 

The impact of such high rates of incarceration among communities of color on their economic and social outlook, as well as the impact on families, is immense. In addition, it costs over $37,000 a year for the NC Department of Public Safety to incarcerate someone. That makes high incarceration rates a social, moral, and fiscal resource problem. Lets create initiatives to:

  • Review state criminal laws to reform the definitions of crimes and sentencing guidelines that have been used to uphold systemic racism. 
  • Ending money bail would reduce the number of people waiting in jail who cannot afford bail simply because they are too poor to afford to buy their freedom.


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