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A+ Bruce Ashworth (D - WV)

Candidate in race for State Senate District 4

Position on Marijuana Legalization

The candidates all signed on to a pledge to never cross a picket line, hide from a debate, or take corporate PAC money. And more than 35 of those candidates, including Smith, signed onto the “People’s Platform,” a policy platform that was developed through 11,000 conversations between campaign volunteers and voters, over 190 town halls, and then ratified at a convention. It included the creation of a state bank, a wealth tax, full legalization of marijuana, and other progressive policies. 06/10/20

Contact Bruce Ashworth

Email: ashworth6@gmail.com

Web: https://bruceforwvsenate.com/

Phone: 304-531-9659


709 Ravenswood Pike

Ripley, WV 25271

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