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A Sharon Girard (D - AZ)
Responding to our general election survey, Ms. Girard writes, “As a healthcare provider for 30 years and a citizen, I believe marijuana should be legal for medical and recreational use. Its use should be regulated for recreation as with alcohol, with an age restriction and some rules. Medically, marijuana is a gift of nature, and we have yet to find out all its medicinal properties. I also believe making drugs illegal increases the risk for crime, organized crime and a criminal record, which is merely punitive for those struggling in society. Once legal, I believe all marijuana criminal records should be expunged, for those with nonviolent crimes or possession or sale. We must, in society, focus on more important issues that hurt people, as example, the opioid epidemic. Drug abuse and addiction is a mental health issue, not a criminal issue. Marijuana sale for medical and recreational use will bring millions of dollars of needed revenue to our state. We must also work to address drug and alcohol addiction in our society, which is a major reason for crime and recidivism after release from the criminal justice system. Making marijuana legal for recreational use in small amounts is good business and good for society.”

Candidate in race for State House District 8

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