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A- Christopher Kasperski (R - IL) LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE

Candidate in race for State Senate District 31

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Christopher Kasperski's campaign reached out to NORML with the following on 09/10/2020:

"If elected, I would be the most libertarian member of the Illinois Senate. I support the liberty of people to grow and consume cannabis without the outrageous taxes and over regulation that does not resemble the way that we tax and regulate alcohol. I would not just support [NORML’s] cause, I would work to dispel the myths that many in my party have about cannabis and hemp. Best wishes, Chris Kasperski Republican candidate for IL Senate District 31."

Contact Christopher Kasperski

Email: chris@chrisforsenate.com

Web: https://chrisforsenate.com/?fbclid=IwAR0X7s2E-js4_rELaY8MoBe7W5U0KVkMwQAt4md7mrPGCWp2A4KvR6zQ0gw



2426 Highland Circle

Lake Villa, IL 60046

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