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B+ John Molnar (I - UT)

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 4


John submitted his position to NORML on 10/28/20:

"Im actually a medical marijuana patient myself since leaving the Army in 2014. Talk about it a lot in my campaign. End goal is to completely decriminalize cannabis so people can grow freely without being burdened by taxes for a plant that is medicine for many, and a much safer alternative to alcohol for others. Would like to see recreational use pushed, but focus on medicinal first to get help for patients that need it. Would prefer unregulated and taxed markets, but have supported other measures, like the MORE Act, even if they arent 100% what I would like. Focus on talking about it from my own use medicinally as an Iraq vet to help sway the more conservative opponents towards viewing cannabis more favorably."

Contact John Molnar

Email: jmolnar25@icloud.com

Phone: 801-473-0905


8204 North Cedar Springs Road #9

Eagle Mountain, UT 84005

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