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Democrat Joni Anderson from Adams (Campaign Facebook) (Campaign Website) provided a complete statement on marijuana reform and has publicly supported the legalization of both Medicinal and Recreational Cannabis. The campaign website highlights marijuana reform as an important issue.

Candidate in race for State Senate District 14


I grew up in Spirit, Wisconsin on a small dairy farm. I fished and swam in the lakes and rivers, walked the paths in the fields and woods. It is where I learned to respect and appreciate the natural beauty and wildlife our state has to offer. It is also where I watched my parents, relatives and neighbors struggle to make a living.

Position on Marijuana Legalization

It only makes sense to legalize marijuana. Other states such as Illinois and Michigan are taking advantage of both job creation and tax revenue. We should be doing the same.

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

Decriminalizing the simple possession of marijuana would allow us to keep people out of our jails and prison systems, and take us a step forward toward hopefully racial equality.

Right now people’s lives are ruined, and our jails full of people that should not be there. This would provide a positive step forward for people to start over without a simple possession charge following them forever.

Position on Medical Marijuana

People should not have to go outside the law to use marijuana for pain or other medicinal issues. Also, they should not have to spend huge amounts of money on prescription pain killers when they can control their pain naturally through the use of medicinal marijuana.


Candidate Questionnaire published - supports AB 220

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Email: info.joniforsenate14.com@joniforsenate14.com

Web: https://www.joniforsenate14.com



2154 West 10th Lane

Adams, WI 53910

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