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NORML was first introduced to Eric Beach when he spoke to a chapter about his campaign at a meeting in the Appleton Public Library early in the spring of 2020.  We have had some great conversations with him and he completed a 2020 Candidate Questionnaire.

Candidate in race for State Assembly District 57


Eric J. Beach, a Fox Valley businessman, has announced his candidacy for 57th Assembly District.

Beach served for 20+ years in the US military, 15 of those with Appleton’s own 2-127th Infantry, deploying twice to Iraq during that time. As such he brings a strong appreciation for service to the community and an intimate understanding of how to prepare for and defend individual and collective community rights.

Position on Marijuana Legalization

I support legalization and well-regulated adult use, for several reasons. The first reason is personal liberty, adults in my opinion should be able to choose how to live their life. We are faced with personal choice at all times, people still work and contribute positively even though alcohol and entertainment are personal options. Another reason is marketization and regulation, marijuana use is already in our culture. With marketization and regulation safeguards are set in place and it brings it off the black market and into a revenue generating market. Another is criminalization, we can’t continue to label and mark individuals for every minor offense God should judge us.

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

I support decriminalization, legalization, and a well-regulated marketization of marijuana. Criminalization of marijuana has long lasting effects on individuals. A single infringement by anyone will get possession of a controlled substance on their record. This in many instances prohibits them from many employment, housing and other opportunities for the rest of their life. Criminalization of minor marijuana use/possession has long lasting personal and social impact. Marijuana charges account for 61% of our states drug arrests. It would be nice if law enforcement could put their efforts into more dangerous offences and substances.

If the conviction is non-violent, no intent to distribute, and in small quantity. Yes, the effect of the criminal record to the individual’s ability to achieve or seek opportunity in the future are so greatly impacted that the individuals may become socially/economically ‘cornered’. Meaning that a person with no or little options may have to make rash decisions. I’m not advocating that criminal history is ignored, but in this instance, I think there is more harm than good. However, if it becomes legalized expungement is almost a moot point.

Position on Medical Marijuana

If a licensed medical professional and their patient thinks the prescription of marijuana is a viable treatment option, then it should be considered. I don’t want to, nor am I qualified to debate the semantics of the pros and cons of use. Healthcare if definitely a practice, patients and providers seek the best care options. Benefit and risk of each care option should be carefully evaluated and considered. I don’t condone or condemn the use prescription or non-prescription drugs as medical treatments; however, marijuana does seem in my view a much more natural option than some of the drugs big-pharma produces. As a Veteran, and knowing that many Veterans struggle with PTSD (Post traumatic Stress Disorder). I am fully supportive of any care that helps our veterans manage stress, reintegrate and remain productive members of our communities.

Contact Eric Beach

Email: beachfor57thassembly@gmail.com

Web: https://www.beachfor57.org

Phone: 920-740-3232


306 West Porospect Avenue #6

Appleton, WI 54911

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