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Candidate in race for State House District 79 (D) on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Studies have shown that recreational use of cannabis is popular on both sides of the aisle. This being stated, we need more leadership that will fight to completely legalize it. I am willing to lobby members on both sides of the aisle to show its importance to being legal. The benefits from tax revenues are endless- infrastructure, education and housing. Once elected, this is one of my priorities under the use of my legislative pen.


We need more people in Richmond that are willing to reform our criminal justice systems. I am one of the progressive candidates that will fight for black and brown communities that have been greatly impacted by marijuana charges. I am willing to sit with local commonwealth attorneys and NAACP leaders to see how we can better serves those that have been impacted by these possession charges. I will also introduce legislation that will work with people unjustly charged, and reintroduce them into the community.

Position on Medical Marijuana

I am in favor of Medical Cannabis Programs, they help our communities' sick, and provide much needed support to those who seek alternate medicines. I believe in empowering the community, and giving them the support from Richmond is one step to achieve this. Cannabis has been put in a negative spot light for years, I will work with other members of leadership to change this misconception, to show how these programs are popular with democrats and republicans. 

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