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Publicly Supported the M.O.R.E. Act (HR3617)

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Currently, we lack consistency between state and federal laws regarding marijuana. In order to fully harness the economic opportunities that the Marijuana industry can provide we must decriminalize marijuana at the federal level. We must also allow for the marijuana industry to enter into the banking sector as well as provide for free trade of marijuana and its associated products across state lines. By fully harnessing the marijuana industry and removing barriers that hinder cultivation, selling, and consuming marijuana we can unlock Billions of dollars in additional tax revenue yearly. Also, by ending the federal prohibition of Marijuana, additional funds for proper research of Marijuana will be possible so that all of the medicinal uses that this plant provides can be harnessed for the public good.

One of the most important aspects of legalizing and regulating Marijuana is to right past wrongs associated with the disproportionate arrest and incarceration rate of Black and Brown Americans with regard to Marijuana. We must expunge the records of all individuals who have been convicted of simple possession of marijuana that are not associated with an accompanying violent or sexual crime. By expunging these records, Millions will have access to federal services such as EBT and will also be eligible for housing. Simple possession will no longer be used as a reason to deny one an employment opportunity that they are otherwise qualified for. This will also help break the cycle of recidivism and provide a fresh start for some many that deserve it. 

Based on data that dispels the long adhered to myth that Marijuana is a gateway drug and data that shows legalization of recreational marijuana does not lead to an increase in traffic accidents, I firmly believe that Marijuana and Marijuana derived products should be legalized for recreational use for those at least 21 years of age. Marijuana and its associated products should be available for purchase from licensed retailers where product quality and safety standards are upheld to ensure access to products free from harmful substances such as Fentanyl. No evidence exists that suggests Marijuana should be regulated any more harshly than Alcohol or Tobacco. 

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

Decriminalizing simple possession of marijuana is essential to undoing the harm caused to minorities by decades of inequitable enforcement of marijuana laws. Although statistics show that marijuana usage is similar amongst all Americans, the arrest rate is not. Statistics show that African Americans are 4 times more likely to be arrested for a marijuana related offense than are white Americans. The only way to ensure this disparity is eliminated is by decriminalization of simple possession.

Position on Medical Marijuana

Marijuana should be legal for medical purposes. Scientific research has been shown that Marijuana has a variety of medicinal uses for many conditions including Anxiety, eating disorders, HIV, Arthritis and PTSD. Unlike opioids, Marijuana is not habit forming and does not contain the adverse side effects of many medicines commonly prescribed.

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