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Candidate in race for State House District 14 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022



PO Box 175, Gray Court, SC 29645



Position on Marijuana Legalization

The war on drugs is a failed policy in general. The specific cannabis policy has roots in marginalizing poor people and people of color. It's part of a system to remove people from those communities to destabilize them, as well as fill prisons, often for the benefit of private industry. As a state level representative, I won't be able to (do) much regarding federal policy, but I can ensure the state level policies are in opposition to the current federal ones. 

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

I think I've pretty much said it already, so I'll simply say it's a bullshit charge to hurt poor and marginalized communities.

To the question of automatic expungement, it's just not fair for the person who gets locked up the day before legalization passes to end up staying in prison for something that becomes legal. Based on that alone, I support expungement, but there's more to it. These folks deserve a second chance to be productive members of society. If they aren't allowed to obtain decent employment after release, they're just going to be subject to the same forces that led them to crime in the first place. 

Position on Medical Marijuana

I personally cannot stand the effects of cannabis, after using it a few times in college. But I recognize that my personal aversion shouldn't affect others' access. I know that when my father in law illicitly used cannabis while suffering from Parkinson's disease, it was the first time he had eaten a full plate in years. I have seen the good cannabis can do for sick people, and it is relatively harmless otherwise. That's why I support the use of cannabis for anyone not operating industrial equipment or motor vehicles. 



Honestly, I haven't promoted a specific piece of legislation. I support any step toward full recreational legalization and amnesty and expungement for previous non-violent drug offenses, and if I'm elected that's what I'll propose. 

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