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Candidate in race for State House District 106 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

PO Box 1225 Murrells Inlet, SC 29576

I have publicly supported the MORE Act as brought by Rep. Clyburn in Congress. On the state level I am supportive of the efforts by Senator Tom Davis, however, I am supportive of less restrictive policies that will make medicinal marijuana more accessible. After getting medicinal marijuana fully established in the state, I would support legislation to move towards recreational legalization. 

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Numerous states across the country have shown the benefits of both medicinal and recreational legalization of marijuana, and have safely established these programs with profitable results. The City of Washington, D.C. has decriminalized marijuana in the neighborhoods surrounding the Capitol Building, so I believe it only makes sense that our federal representatives follow suit and end the federal prohibition. Ending the prohibition will allow more states to implement these programs, and receive a new source of revenue that can be reinvested into the community. 

I support recreational legalization because other states have already tested it, and have been able to use the money earned from to invest in schools and other important programs. Public opinion polls have shown that marijuana legalization is supported by a majority of Americans and on both sides of the aisle. Now it’s just getting our elected officials to do their jobs and pass legislation that follows public interest. Additionally, I believe that adults should have bodily autonomy and be able to make decisions regarding what they can or can’t do with or to their person. 

Position on Medical Marijuana

It is long overdue for South Carolina to legalize the medical use of marijuana. Our state would benefit in a multitude of ways that would have positive social and economic effects. Our farmers would be able to cultivate the crop in our state and profit from a new crop that can be grown all year. Veterans would finally be able to be prescribed medicinal marijuana and other derivatives to relieve PTSD, anxiety, and other mental and physical ailments. Our state has also suffered through the opioid crisis due to the overprescribing of opiates and other pain killers. Medicinal marijuana would provide a safer alternative to the current healthcare that system has resulted in numerous overdoses and unintentional deaths. 

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Post Office Box 1225

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