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"Properly implemented, marijuana legalization has the potential to create thousands of jobs, grow the Maine economy, and end an outdated war on drugs. I have joined other Attorneys General in calling on Congress to allow banks and credit unions to serve state-licensed marijuana businesses without penalty, ending the cash-based shadow economy that still haunts states who have legalized marijuana. Congress should also allow research into uses and effectiveness of marijuana products. We must also ensure that our law adequately regulates access to minors, driving while impaired, contamination and quality control, taxation and the type and placement of advertising for marijuana." Link

Mills said voters approved a bad law at the ballot box and that was complicated when the Legislature tried to fix it, with that fix being tied up in politics. “I’m not opposed to adult-use recreational marijuana, not opposed to it at all,” Mills said. “You’ve got to do three things with marijuana, cannabis: test it, track it and tax it.” She said that without doing that quickly, the black market will continue to prevail. Link

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