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C+Orrin Hatch (R - UT)

Holds office Senate

Sponsored Legislation

S.1803 - MEDS Act (2017-2018)

Co-Sponsored Legislation

S.1008 - Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act of 2017 (2017-18)

*S.1333 Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act of 2015 (2015-16)

*S. 3077 Marijuana Effective Drug Studies (MEDS) Act of 2016 (2015-16)

*S. 2557 SUCCESS Act (2015-16)


"While I certainly do not support the use of marijuana for recreational purposes, the evidence shows that cannabis possesses medicinal properties that can truly change people's lives for the better," the senator said. "And I believe, Mr. President, that we would be remiss if we threw out the baby with the bathwater."

"Throughout my entire Senate career, I've taken a strong stand against illegal drugs. The proliferation of cocaine, meth and other addictive, mind-altering substances has had a devastating effect on homes and communities.

CBD is not like any of those substances. It is not addictive. To the contrary, it has shown promise in treating addiction. Rather than harming families, it can help make their lives better.

I continue to oppose marijuana and efforts to legalize its use. I remain unconvinced by claims that it is safe and that the side effects it causes are no big deal. Stories of children being rushed to the hospital for accidentally consuming marijuana edibles belie the notion that marijuana is a safe drug. In fact, I am currently working on legislation to help protect children from the dangers of edible marijuana products.

But I also believe that when a drug is safe and can improve people's lives, Congress should not stand in the way. That CBD is derived from the cannabis plant does not mean we should be scared to have anything to do with it. Legalizing CBD is a compassionate, common-sense move that will bring relief to thousands of suffering children. I am glad to stand with my colleagues in supporting the Charlotte's Web Act and look forward to helping it move through Congress and to the president's desk." 6/28/2015 http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/jun/28/orrin-hatch-medicinal-marijuana-for-epileptic-chil/

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Web: hatch.senate.gov

Phone: (202) 224-5251


120 Constitution Avenue, NE Room 104

Washington, DC 20510-4402

Phone: (202) 224-5251

Fax: (202) 224-6331

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