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A Michelle Lujan Grisham (D - NM) LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE

Holds office Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization

She oversaw the establishment of a task-force to study issues pertaining to adult-use cannabis regulation and to make policy recommendations to the legislature.

Position on Medical Marijuana

Governor Lujan Grisham signed several cannabis-related bills into law in 2019. Among them. Senate Bill 323 decriminalizes cannabis possession up to one-half-ounce of marijuana; Senate Bill 370 permits those convicted of certain low-level cannabis-related crimes to petition for expungement of their record. In addition, the Governor signed two bills, Senate Bill 204 and Senate Bill 206, greatly expanding patients’ access to medical cannabis, and protecting qualified patients from discrimination. (Link)(Link)(Link)(Link)

In January, the Governor announced that she will direct health officials in her administration to make those with opioid dependence eligible for medical cannabis access. (1/15/19) (Link)



Governor Lujan Grisham has called on lawmakers in the 2020 legislative session to pass legislation regulating adult-use cannabis sales. “Recreational cannabis is an economic game-changer. It is an incredibly important opportunity. We are serious about getting it passed.” (Link)

“This is the fact: recreational cannabis can be the next frontier of our economic expansion. We can get in on the ground floor or we can try to play catch up. I know which one I prefer. And I know which one New Mexicans prefer.” (Link)

When asked about marijuana legalization: "I understand and recognize both the economic benefit and the impact on the criminal justice system," she said in a written statement. "New Mexico has the benefit of completely evaluating the impact that legalization has had on Colorado and Washington, including the impacts to neighboring states. That evaluation must include the potential negative effects on youth, and on urban, rural and tribal communities, particularly those with high rates of substance abuse and DWI, so that an informative and honest debate can occur with N.M. legislators."


I will work with the legislature to legalize recreational cannabis in a productive way that brings in revenues while protecting medical cannabis patients, ensuring public safety, and protecting children. 10/24/18

Democrat Michelle Lujan Grisham, currently a congresswoman, voiced her support for ending the prohibition of cannabis, which she said is “not a gateway drug.”

Arguing that legalization would bring “hundreds of millions of dollars to New Mexico’s economy,” Lujan Grisham said she would be “inclined to sign” a bill as long as it effectively regulates edibles, fosters workplace safety, limits underage consumption and protects the current medical cannabis program. 9/20/18

“I am committed to working with the Legislature to move towards legalizing recreational cannabis in a way that improves public safety, boosts state revenues, and allows for New Mexico businesses to grow into this new market. We need to conduct a thorough analysis of recreational cannabis programs in other states, which will help us craft appropriate laws to keep our children safe and to implement effective (driving while intoxicated) enforcement. If we move forward, we must ensure New Mexicans reap the economic benefits of cannabis legalization and we do not jeopardize the current New Mexico medical cannabis industry and existing producers." (9/19/18) (Link)



Veterans Equal Access Amendment
McClintock/Polis Amendment
Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment
Veterans Equal Access Amendment
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Email: https://www.governor.state.nm.us/contact/

Web: https://www.governor.state.nm.us/

Phone: 505-476-2200


490 Old Santa Fe Trail Room 400

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