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Reflector 6/8/2022 - Local lawmakers mixed on medical cannabis bill

Sen. Don Davis, who represents Pitt and Greene counties, said the licensure policy established in the bill led him to vote against it. He was one of two Democrats to vote against the bill in the Senate despite having an “open mind” about legalization itself.

“I’ve maintained a commitment to farmers over the years, and when I look at the bill I believe the bill leaves out your small family farmers in particular,” Davis said. “Eastern North Carolina’s economy (has) struggled ever since tobacco manufacturing has gone south and I think it’s important we continue to look at ways to build our economy.”

Davis added he would like to see a bill include some form of decriminalization or forgiveness for those convicted for possessing small amounts of marijuana.


Holds office U.S. House District 1

Position on Medical Marijuana

WITN.com 4/20/22 Advocates hope for changes in state marijuana laws

“There’s been research and increasing research that would support the medical use of marijuana in particular with pain management,” North Carolina Sen. Don Davis said.

Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored SB124-Leo Managed CBD Oil Drop Box


B Indicates that this candidate supports policies specific to the legalization of medical cannabis and/or the decriminalization of cannabis

Davis has served in the NC Senate since 2013 representing District 5.

As a NC Senator he voted:

SB 711 NC Compassionate Care Act: NO - 2022

SB 168 Expand Allowed Medical Uses/Cannabis Extract: YES - 2019 

SB 124 LEO Managed CBD Oil Drop Box: YES - 2018 

HB 992/SB 771 Amend Industrial Hemp Definition: YES - 2016 

SB 313 Industrial Hemp: NO - 2015 

HB 766 Amend CBD Oil Statute: YES - 2015

HB 1220 Hope 4 Haley and Friends: DID NOT VOTE - 2014


Contact Don Davis

Email: info@votedondavis.com

Web: https://votedondavis.com/

Phone: 202-225-3101


1123 Longworth House Office Building

Washington, DC 20515

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