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A+ Evan Vickers (R - UT) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State Senate District 28

Sponsored Legislation

H.B 3001 - Utah Medical Cannabis Act of 2018


Senate Majority Leader Evan Vickers, R-Cedar City, who runs cannabis legislation for the Republican supermajority in the legislature, said cost is something he is aware of. "It looks like we’re pretty comparable. But we’re also looking at ways, maybe from a legislative perspective, we could ease some of the burden and some of the cost," he said in a recent interview with FOX 13 News. ... "My goal is to simply have the very best medical cannabis program we can so we can entice patients to use the system we have in place," he said. (October 2022)

"I have long said that if this is a medicine, it should be treated like a medicine." 10/21/18

2021: Consumer Protection for Cannabis Patients, SB 170
2018: Authorized Medical Cannabis in the State, HB 3001
Contact Evan Vickers

Email: evickers@le.utah.gov

Web: https://senate.utah.gov/sen/VICKEEJ/

Phone: 801-538-1035


Utah State Senate 320 State Capitol Post Office Box 145115

Salt Lake City, UT 84114

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