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D- Eric Schmitt (R - MO)

Senator Eric Schmitt supports access to CBD products for those who would medically benefit. He has previously voted in favor of advancing research on therapeutic marijuana for veterans.

Holds office U.S. Senate


"I had a friend, who their daughter was born with a genetic condition different from Stephen’s that had epilepsy, they were going to Colorado to get this CBD oil which is the marijuana extract you don’t get high from but it has the abilities for whatever reason to control seizures. I didn’t think it was right that this family had to leave their support network, their job, their state to access something that would work. In my own political philosophy I don’t know what role the government has in standing in the way between a family and that kind of remedy and relief." (2017).

Contact Eric Schmitt

Email: eric@schmittforsenate.com

Web: https://www.schmitt.senate.gov/

Phone: 202-224-5721


387 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

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