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F Mark Gordon (R - WY)

Governor Gordon is fully against the legalization of recreational use marijuana. He has said he is willing to observe evidence about medical marijuana but is still hestitant to legalize.

Holds office Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Governor Gordon has previously expressed his opposition to the legalization of marijuana for adult-use, and he has also expressed skepticism with regard to the use of medical cannabis. (Link)

"I am not in favor of legalizing marijuana," Republican candidate Mark Gordon said. "There is maybe some discussion that can be had about medical marijuana, but I am not particularity in favor of doing that until we've had a very full conversation about what that means. So I am not in favor really of legalizing that. My understanding is that there are some alternatives that are prescription based. So the dosage is known, the purity is known, and we're taking risks for our patients." Link

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Email: mark@gordanforwyoming.com

Web: https://governor.wyo.gov/

Phone: 307-777-7434


Idelman Mansion 2323 Carey Avenue

Cheyenne, WY 82002-0010

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