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B DuWayne Hendrickson (I - ND) LEGALIZE, TAX, AND REGULATE

Candidate in race for Governor

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"Every issue that I would like to present to We, the People has been well thought out, talked about with many different people and feel they can be accomplished. Many of my proposals already have public support. I don't run away from the issues, but rather confront them head on. And I believe with proper discussion We. the People can get the support of those that are supposed to serve us. Two of those issues are abolishing property tax and legalization of Cannabis. Like I said, not afraid of be any subject. Let's listen to the reasons, and as a pro Cannabis Governor candidate, they will be listened to.Our government is by and for the People. Let's have our legislators treat it that way..I am in the best candidate for North Dakota. I am certain of that. Besides Burgum I am the only person who has had there name on the general ballot for Governor. We can do this," DuWayne Hendrickson said in a Facebook post on September 11, 2020

Contact DuWayne Hendrickson

Email: hendricksonforcongress@hotmail.com

Phone: 701-720-5989


Post Office Box 813

Minot, ND 58702-0813

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