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F Jim Burgin (R - NC) NO MEDICAL USE

Winston-Salem Journal 6/2/22

Sen. Jim Burgin, R-Lee, said he voted against SB711 because of his concern that it would allow “Big Marijuana” to flourish in North Carolina following legislative efforts to limit the influence of “Big Tobacco.”

“Marijuana does not treat the ill, but only masks the symptoms,” he said.

Holds office State Senate District 12

Position on Marijuana Legalization

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Position on Medical Marijuana

In response to 2022 NC Family Policy Council's question “Should North Carolina legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes? NO


Response to 2020 NC Family Policy Council's question “Should North Carolina legalize the use of marijuana for medical purposes?” NO

Winston-Salem Journal 08/26/2021:

Sen. Jim Burgin, R-Johnston, said that while he agrees that patients in debilitating pain should have access to pain-relief options, he expressed concern that too many individuals would qualify.

Burgin cited concerns that "anyone that's been through COVID can get a referral right now for post-traumatic stress because everybody's either lost someone or been affected or been exposed."

Burgin said he is more concerned about addressing the underlining problems of post-traumatic stress syndrome for military veterans rather than just their symptoms.

Burgin said that if medical marijuana is approved, it should not be made available in an inhaling or smoking option because of the potential exposure to carcinogens similar to those in smoking traditional cigarettes.

Burgin said that instead of allowing outside cannabis production operations into North Carolina, the state should encourage the tobacco industry to get involved.

Burgin mentioned R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. as an example since "they have the experience to do stuff, the labs and everything else, that we ought to be utilizing those folks."

WNCT 8/28/2021:

Sen. Jim Burgin, a Republican who represents Harnett, Johnston and Lee counties, outlined a variety of concerns, saying he’s heard from the sheriffs in each of those counties that they’re opposed.  

He raised concerns about people being able to get licenses from the state and then being able to sell those licenses.  

“We need to figure out how to take the profit motive out of it if it is ever done because if we do this I think we’ll have legalized marijuana in this state in 24 months,” he said.


F Public opposition to significant marijuana law reform (adult use, medical, and/or decriminalization) but may have sponsored and/or voted in favor of CBD/Hemp specific bills.

Voting History:

SB 3 NC Compassionate Care Act: NO - 2023

SB 711 NC Compassionate Care Act: NO - 2022

SB 168 Expand Allowed Medical Uses/Cannabis Extract: NO - 2019


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Phone: 919-733-5748


North Carolina State Senate 300 North Salisbury Street, Room. 620

Raleigh, NC 27601

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