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Holds office U.S. Senate

Co-sponsored Legislation

S. 910- SAFE Banking Act of 2021

S.1028 - Strengthening the Tenth Amendment Through Entrusting States Act 2019-2020

S.1200 - Secure And Fair Enforcement Banking Act of 2019

H.R.1595 - SAFE Banking Act of 2019

H.R. 2093- STATES Act 2019 

*S 134 Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2015 (2015-16)

"*SB 683 - CARERS Act of 2015 (2015-16)

S.777 - Small Business Tax Equity Act of 2017 (2017-2018)

S.1152 - SAFE Banking Act (2017-18)

*S 1726 Marijuana Businesses Access to Banking Act of 2015 (2015-16)

S.1764 - CARERS Act of 2017 (2017-18)

S.3032 - STATES Act (2017-2018)


"Democrats control the House, Senate and White House and we still can’t get cannabis banking reform bills passed. This should be a complete no brainer, as so many states have legalized now and we need business to operate." (12/23/21)

"The war on cannabis is among the many dumb things Congress does..." (12/23/21)

"I support passage of HB 166. I believe that patients suffering from medical illness should have the right to try cannabis." (03/12/18)

Sens. Corey Gardner and Rand Paul, both Republicans, said the apparent reversal of the Obama-era drug enforcement policy infringes on states' rights.

Paul joined in with his support. "For far too long, the government has enforced unnecessary laws that have restricted the ability of the medical community to determine the medicinal value of marijuana and have prohibited Americans from receiving essential care that will alleviate their chronic pain and suffering," he told reporters on Tuesday. "I am proud today to stand with Sens. Gillibrand and Booker to introduce a bill that will fundamentally change our nation's drug policies and have positive impacts on the lives of children and Veterans."

"I don't think that the federal government should override the states. I believe in the 10th Amendment and I really will say that the states are left to themselves. Understand what they're saying: Gov. Christie would go into Colorado, and if you're breaking any federal law on marijuana, even though the state law allows it, he would put you in jail. If a young mother is trying to give her child cannabis oil for medical marijuana for seizure treatment,
he would put her in jail. I would let Colorado do what the Tenth Amendment says. We were never intended to have crime dealing at the federal level. Crime was supposed to be left to the states. Colorado has made their decision. And I don't want the federal government interfering."

"he was more focused on decriminalizing pot so that people wouldn't do hard prison time for drug offenses"

"You said you're for states' rights. Do you support, if you were President Paul, do you support allowing Colorado to go forward with what it has, or would you use federal powers against the [retail marijuana] system that we have?"

Paul: "Yeah, I wouldn't interfere from the federal level."

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