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C+ Jonathan Hardister (R - NC) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State House District 59

Candidate in race for State House District 59

Position on Medical Marijuana

"This is why I recently emailed Jon Hardister, the North Carolina House Majority Whip and Representative for District 59. In that email, I told Hardister that, when I was undergoing treatment for leukemia, a medical professional had admitted that there was nothing she could give me that would be as effective as marijuana for combating the side effects of my chemotherapy. What, I asked, was his position on the legalization of medical marijuana, the subject of House Bill 185 and Senate Bills 648 and 579? All of those were introduced in 2017, but none have yet received even a committee vote.

“This is something that I would likely support,” he wrote in an email on May 16. “I believe we should allow doctors to do what is in the best interest of their patients. I will defer to medical experts and law enforcement to determine the best way forward.”


Republican state Rep. Jon Hardister of Greensboro did not completely close the door on supporting the bill late last week, but he said he would “defer to members of the North Carolina House Health Committee as to how they view this topic.”

“I haven’t had the time to do extensive research on it,” Hardister said. “We need to seek input from medical experts and law enforcement.”


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North Carolina House of Representatives 300 North Salisbury Street, Room 638

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