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B- Jon Hardister (R - NC) MEDICAL USE
Position on Medical Marijuana


Spectrum News 1, Medical marijuana passed a vote in the N.C. Senate: 5 things to know about the bill

“If somebody’s suffering and this is going to help them feel better and help them get through their medical challenges, I think it’s absolutely the right thing to do,” Hardister said. “We’re not talking about recreational use. I’m not in favor of that.”


On the legalization of medical cannabis, Hardister stated: "This is something that I would likely support...I believe we should allow doctors to do what is in the best interest of their patients. I will defer to medical experts and law enforcement to determine the best way forward."


With respect to medical cannabis, Hardister stated: “I haven’t had the time to do extensive research on it,” Hardister said. “We need to seek input from medical experts and law enforcement.”


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