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B- Michael Garrett (D - NC) MEDICAL USE

Facebook Post 6/2/22:

Today, the North Carolina Senate passed the Compassionate Care Act, medical cannabis. While I believe this bill doesn’t go far enough, I was happy to support a proposal to provide relief and comfort to our fellow North Carolinians. It’s now up to the House. Onward.

Holds office State Senate District 27

Position on Medical Marijuana

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Carolina Democracy Interview 6/13/22

JD Wooten: Yeah, so in another surprising shift, the State Senate also passed a bill legalizing medical marijuana. Did that surprise you?

Michael Garrett: I guess, yes, I would have given it a 25% chance if I'm putting odds on it. Senator Rabon who is Rules Chair, which is the most powerful Committee in the Senate was the lead sponsor. So, with that coming out of the gate, you knew it had a chance. But the caucus, the Republican Caucus, has been pretty backwards looking, I think, when it comes to some of these issues when it comes to cannabis legalization and decriminalization and things like that. So, it did surprise me. But what surprised me more was actually how many voted for it. I think there were only 10, no votes. You know, I voted for it. I don't think it goes far enough, personally. It leaves out a lot of the help that it could provide for people suffering from addiction or chronic pain. Doesn't really address that. But I'm hoping that down the road, you know, this is a baby step that down the road, we can go further and make it actually a meaningful public policy where it can have real impact for the people that need it most in this state.


B- Supports legalization of medical cannabis and/or decriminalization - voted for but did not sponsor legislation.

Voting History:

SB 3 NC Compassionate Care Act: YES - 2023

SB 711 NC Compassionate Care Act: YES - 2022

SB 168 Expand Allowed Medical Uses/Cannabis Extract: YES - 2019


Contact Michael Garrett

Email: michael@garrettfornc.com

Web: https://www.ncleg.gov/Members/Biography/S/414

Phone: 919-733-5856


North Carolina State Senate 300 North Salisbury Street, Room 206-C

Raleigh, NC 27603

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