Politician Info
A+ Reggie Jones-Sawyer (D - CA)
One of five Assembly leaders on legal cannabis legislation. Cal NORML 2017 legislator of the year award

Holds office State Assembly District 59

Candidate in race for State Assembly District 57 on Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Position on Marijuana Legalization

Supported Prop 64

Sponsored Legislation

Sponsored AB 1578 to declare CA a cannabis sanctuary state (passed Assembly only);

Sponsored AB 2513, to abolish mandatory narcotics offense registry for persons convicted of drug crimes, including certain cannabis offenses (held back in Senate).

Co-sponsored Legislation

Along with Asm. Bonta, Woods, Cooley and Lackey co-authored Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act, establishing legally licensed medical cannabis industry in California.  

AB 1793 (Bonta) - automatically resentence past marijuana convictions
AB 2020 (Quirk) - broaden sites for cannabis events
AB 2215 (Kalra) - allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis for pets
SB 829 (Weiner) - protect compassion programs for indigent patients
SB 1127 (Hill) - allow students to receive cannabis medicines at school
AJR 27 (Low) - ask the DOJ to allow cannabusinesses in California
Contact Reggie Jones-Sawyer

Email: info@jonessawyerforassembly.com

Web: https://www.jonessawyerforassembly.com/

Phone: 916-319-2059


State Capitol Post Office Box 942849

Sacramento, CA 94249-0059

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