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B- Larry Luick (R - ND)

Holds office State Senate District 25


On North Dakota's medical marijuana bill: 

“We know the purpose of this bill was not for medical marijuana purposes, it was for recreational use,” Luick said. Saying it would be disastrous for the Legislature to continue keeping in provisions that allow medical marijuana to be smoked, Luick commented on THC. The concentration of THC, a mind-altering chemical, has grown in marijuana since Luick was a student and continues to do so, he said. That’s concerning when he considers not only secondhand smoke, but how it may affect young children of medical marijuana users. 2/21/17

2021: Expands the Number of Caregivers, HB 1359
2019: Authorizes Access to Medical Marijuana, HB 1283
2017: Establishes Guidelines for Medical Marijuana, SB 2344
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Email: lluick@nd.gov

Web: https://www.legis.nd.gov/assembly/66-2019/members/senate/senator-larry-luick

Phone: 701-328-3373


State Capitol, 600 East Boulevard

Bismarck, ND 58505-0360

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