Politician Info
D+ Dan Hall (R - MN)

Holds office State Senate District 56

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"A Republican-led Senate committee voted along party lines to crush the bill legalizing recreational marijuana for adults, refusing even to support a statewide task force to discuss it sometime in the future.

“What do I want Minnesota to look like for my family? What do I want Minnesota to look like for my children and my grandchildren and my future?” Republican Sen. Dan Hall said." (3/12/19)

Position on Medical Marijuana

"Senator Dan Hall (R-Burnsville) voted for the final, restrictive medical cannabis bill, although he'd voted against a broader version that allowed smoking the plant; he'd also supported the idea that landlords should be able to discriminate against renting to tenants who are patients using medical marijuana." (8/2/14)

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