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He ran for office as a Republican and spoke about marijuana reform on the campaign trail in 2018.  He sponsored legislation his first session as a freshman Assembly Representative.  He is leading the way to common sense reform within the GOP and for that, Rep. Sortwell has earned his A-

Holds office State Assembly District 2

  • Born Saratoga Springs, NY, August 3, 1985; married; 5 children.
  • B.A. in Public Administration, University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 2006; Hazmat Tech certified, U.S. Army Chemical School, 2012.
  • Former U.S. Army Sergeant, U.S. Army Reserve Chemical Corps, 2009–2018.
  • Member: Disabled American Veterans; American Legion; Manitowoc Fish and Game; National Rifle Association.
  • Former member: Wisconsin Right to Life (county chair); Gibson Town Board Supervisor (Operator and Emergency Response Team); Green Bay City Council Member.
  • Elected to the Assembly 2018.
Position on Marijuana Legalization

I have no strong stance on it except I don't see it as a great idea so long as it is federally prohibited. You never know when the feds may crack down and I don't want people thinking they are obeying the law and then made into felons by the feds.

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

I authored such a bill. Police should focus on more important things.


Position on Medical Marijuana

Yes, I support medical including home grows.

Co-sponsored Legislation

Assembly Bill 772 - Relating to: employer liability for not drug testing employees and prospective employees.


Assembly Bill 1005 - "Jury Nullification" and another for bail reform.

Contact Shae Sortwell

Email: Rep.Sortwell@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/assembly/02/Sortwell

Phone: 608-266-9870


State Capitol, Room 420 North Post Office Box 8953

Madison, WI 53708

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