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Position on Marijuana Legalization

Governor Sisolak signed a variety of bills into law in 2019 specific to marijuana law reform. Among them, Assembly Bill 132 imposes workplace protections for certain prospective employees who consume cannabis in private, Assembly Bill 192 facilitates the sealing of criminal records specific to cannabis-related activities that are no longer illegal, and Assembly Bill 140 prohibits the courts from denying child custody or visitation based solely upon the parents’ status as medical cannabis patients. (Link)(Link)(Link)

Wants to work on the social consumption and banking issues Link

Working toward a clearer definition of some of Nevada’s marijuana policies would be at the top of Steve Sisolak’s priorities if elected governor next month. Link

Position on Medical Marijuana

The Governor also signed Senate Bill 430, which expands the pool of patients eligible for medical cannabis therapy to include those diagnosed with autism and opioid addiction, among other conditions, and Senate Bill 32, which seeks to provide greater transparency in the state’s marijuana-related licensing processes. He also signed legislation, Assembly Bill 466, to establish a closed-loop framework within the state to address marijuana-related banking issues. (Link)(Link)


On pardoning cannabis convictions: “Today is an historic day for those who were convicted of what has long been considered a trivial crime, and is now legal under Nevada law,” said Governor Steve Sisolak. “Since the passage of Question 2 in 2016 and the decriminalization of possession for small amounts of marijuana, many Nevadans have had these minor offenses remain on their records, in some cases as a felony. This resolution aims to correct that and fully restore any rights lost as a result of these convictions.” 6/17/20

In the fall, the Governor announced efforts to increase oversight and transparency in the commercial cannabis industry, stating, “Effective immediately, any marijuana entity -- licensed or unlicensed -- that violates the law will see swift and severe criminal and regulatory action.” 2019 (Link)

Governor Sisolak has called for the establishment of a marijuana control board to assist with various regulatory aspects of the law, and has called for reforms to prevent against the discrimination of legal marijuana users in areas of employment and traffic safety laws. (10/6/18) (Link)

During his election campaign, Gov. Sisolak pledged to address issues to better facilitate the industry's access to banking. He said that he believed it was “too early” for the legislature to move forward with plans to regulate social use lounges in Nevada. (11/5/17) (Link)

“It is not trickling down. It is not going to education,” Sisolak told the crowd at the Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada 2018 candidate forum. “I know for a fact marijuana would not be legal in certain areas if it wasn’t going to education. The Legislature was in a time crunch and didn’t put it there, but it’s my intention to make sure the money goes to education.” 8/17/18


2021: Reduces Penalties for Drivers with Marijuana Metabolites in their Body, AB 400
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