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C- Frank Simpson (R - OK)

Holds office State Senate District 14


"I envision one of the first things that we would do - the first piece of legislation we would pass pertaining to 788 - would be to extend the implementation date to a date later in the year to give the health department more time and legislature more time to develop a good comprehensive program," Sen. Simpson said.

Simpson wants the law to be more detailed.

Voters approved "board certified Physicians" for prescribing medical marijuana but Simpson says it should be limited to Medical Doctors or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine.

Voters also approved prescriptions for whatever illness your doctor thinks is necessary, Simpson wants to add specific medical conditions.

"We will do as best we can to make a program that's going to be not so broad so that it's abused but broad enough so that it doesn't exclude those who will actually benefit from medical marijuana," Sen. Frank Simpson said. Link

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Email: simpson@oksenate.gov

Web: http://www.oksenate.gov/Senators/biographies/simpson_bio.aspx

Phone: 405-521-5607


2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Room 527

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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