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D- Kris Kobach (R - KS) NO MEDICAL USE

Holds office Attorney General

Position on Marijuana Legalization
Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach said he doesn't support recreational marijuana and is highly skeptical of medical marijuana. 6/29/18

Position on Medical Marijuana

While running for Attorney General in 2022, Kobach stated that Kansas should be "in no rush" to legalize medical marijuana, adding his skepticism about other states' supposed struggles limiting medical marijuana for only medical use. He did add that he would be in favor of medical marijuana use if law enforcement got on board (they have long been opponents of medical use). (The Topeka Capital-Journal)


As lawmakers weigh what to do about legalizing medical marijuana, Kobach said he did not support the idea "at this time." ... "So far, no state has been able to crack the code and figure out how to limit medical marijuana for truly medical purposes," Kobach said. (October 2022)

"We need diversification in Kansas of our agricultural crops. This is a reason why I support industrial hemp. I will work with the #ksleg to get this done."



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Email: kris@kriskobach.com

Web: https://ag.ks.gov/home

Phone: 785-296-2215


120 Southwest 10th Avenue, Second Floor

Topeka, KS 66612-1597

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