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Wisconsin’s historic bipartisan cannabis decriminalization bill back in 2017 included a number of sponsors of cannabis law reform legislation not seen before the decades and then Republican Assembly Representative Dale Kooyenga was an author of.    On the campaign trail in 2018 he expressed support for medical cannabis and was highly expected to join other Republican Senators in supporting the issue in the 2019-2020 legislation session.  

Unfortunately, Senator Kooyenga received a D+ for his cold feet in not signing on as a co-sponsor to either version of the medical marijuana bills during the 2019-2020 sessions.  If Senator Kooyenga had signed on, it would have assured majority support in the Senate on the issue and made advancing bills through committee an easier process.

Senate Bill 507 / Assembly Bill 570 (Medical Marijuana with home grows/smoking) and Assembly Bill 750 / Senate Bill 683 (Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program) have been assigned to harsh committee assignments and Senator Kooyenga support on the bills would have helped tremendously.

  • Born Oak Lawn, Illinois, February 12, 1979; married; 4 children.
  • Graduate Chicago Christian High School, 1997; A.A. Moraine Valley Community College, 2000; B.A. Lakeland College, 2000; M.B.A. Marquette University, 2007.
  • Certified public accountant. Member U.S. Army Reserve, 2005—present. Iraq War veteran.
  • Member: American Legion; American Institute of Certified Public Accountants; Wisconsin Institute of Certified Public Accountants.
  • Elected to Assembly 2010—2016. Elected to Senate 2018.
Position on Marijuana Decriminalization

2017 Sponsored Decriminalization bill did not sponsor the 2019-20 legislation.

Position on Medical Marijuana

2018 Campaign Interview

Kooyenga is again making sense as he runs for Senate and is embracing the compassion aspect of medical marijuana in a campaign interview.  We hear the Republican candidate Kooyenga calling out for the need to hold a public hearing on the issue and if elected, will watch for him to work on decriminalization and medical cannabis reform in the 2019-2020 legislative session.

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