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D Bill Hagerty (R - TN)

Senator Haggery has not said whether he supports the criminalization or legalization of marijuana. He has claimed that since some states have legalized the sale of marijuana, it has less of a chance of being trafficked on the black market.

Holds office U.S. Senate


"While the primary threat from Mexican TCOs (transnational criminal organizations) come from trafficking in illicit drugs, these organizations have diversified their activities in response to changing conditions,” they said. “As it has become easier to sell marijuana products in the U.S., Mexican TCOs have prioritized trafficking fentanyl and other synthetic drugs that are cheaper to manufacture, easier to transport, and generate more profit."(8/14/23)

In response to a Tennessee voters question about marijuana policy reform - Senator Hagerty didn't say anything of substance at all. No substance or plan for reform = upholding prohibition, criminalization, and oppression. (7/27/21)

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