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A Antonio Parkinson (D - TN) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State House District 98

Candidate in race for State House District 98 on Thursday, August 1, 2024


Born July 14

Firefighter, Lieutenant, Shelby County Fire Dept.

Retired U.S. Marine

Desert Storm Veteran

Member, House Criminal Justice Committee

Member, House Local Government Committee

ember, House Local Government Subcommittee

Position on Marijuana Decriminalization


Voted AGAINST stripping Memphis and Nashville of Decrim.Votes “No” on HB0173/SB0173

As enacted, clarifies thatstate law preempts local government enactments with respect to the regulationof and appropriate sanctions for conduct involving drugs and other similarsubstances. 

Sponsored Legislation


Controlled Substances - As introduced, increases the amount of marijuana possessed or exchanged under the offenses of simple possession or casual exchange from less than one-half ounce to less than one ounce; prohibits the inference of purpose of selling or otherwise dispensing when the substance possessed or exchanged was less than one ounce of marijuana.

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Contact Antonio Parkinson

Email: info@TNRepParkinson.com

Web: http://www.tnrepparkinson.com/

Phone: 615-741-4575


425 John Lewis Way North Suite 419 Cordell Hull Building

Nashville, TN 37243

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