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D- David Craig (R - WI) NO MEDICAL USE

He received a low grade last session and does again this session.  This Republican Senator is a member of the Senate Committee handling medical marijuana.

Senate Bill 507 / Assembly Bill 570 (Medical Marijuana with home grows/smoking) and Assembly Bill 750 / Senate Bill 683 (Creation of a Medical Marijuana Program) are both stuck in committee and have not been scheduled for a public hearing.

Holds office State Senate District 28

  • Born Waukesha, Wisconsin, 1979; married; 6 children.
  • Graduate Wisconsin Lutheran High School, 1997; attended University of Wisconsin-Waukesha; B.A. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, 2002.
  • Real Estate Agent. Former aide to Congressman Paul Ryan.
  • Village of Big Bend trustee, 2008–10.
  • Elected to Assembly in May 2011 special election. Reelected 2012, 2014. Elected to Senate 2016.

Member of Legislative State Supported Programs Study and Advisory Committee

Position on Marijuana Legalization

He has indicated in constituent response emails that marijuana leads to opioid addiction.

Contact David Craig

Email: Sen.Craig@legis.wisconsin.gov

Web: http://legis.wisconsin.gov/senate/28/craig

Phone: 608-266-5400


State Capitol, Room 104 South Post Office Box 7882

Madison, WI 53707

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