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Senator Troy Singleton is very supportive of marijuana, especially medical marijuana and making it more accessible to patients. He has introduced proposals to make this possible including insurance coverage and the allowance of home grow. 

Holds office State Senate District 7

Sponsored Legislation

Introduced S. 2951 - Expungement of marijuana possession offenses, under 50 grams


"We know that medical cannabis has the potential to treat a vast range of health conditions, especially those often addressed with opioid prescriptions. Unfortunately, because the product has to be paid for entirely out of pocket it is rarely a feasible long term option for low income patients. By authorizing home grow and subsidizing product sold at medical dispensaries, similar to how we cover other medications, we can ensure that cannabis is accessible to all potential medical users, regardless of income." (February 10, 2021).

"When it comes to legalizing cannabis here in the state of New Jersey, we must take a cautious and well-examined approach. There are several factors we must take into consideration such as the safety of our citizens, and the effects it could have on our children. We must also be mindful of the positive social justice implications and medical benefits that legalizing and expanding cannabis can rectify.

To your point, any effort to legalize cannabis must also include policies to decriminalize it for those already convicted. That is why I have introduced Senate Bill 2951, which would provide an automated expungement process for certain fourth degree crimes, disorderly persons offenses and municipal ordinance violations. Under current law, possession of under 50 grams of cannabis is considered a disorderly persons offense. 

It is clear that New Jersey must continue to learn from other states that have legalized and decriminalized cannabis and take note of their missteps as well as their successes. Taking your thoughts into consideration as this issue evolves and unfolds here in New Jersey, I will reflect upon the points you have raised when this issue comes before me in the Senate."


A. 457- Authorizes Medical Marijuana Treatment for PTSD
S. 2703- 2018: Legalizes the adult use, possession, and retail sale of marijuana
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Email: sensingleton@njleg.org

Web: https://www.troysingleton.com/home

Phone: 609-847-3700


New Jersey Senate Post Office Box 099

Trenton, NJ 08625-0099

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