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B+ Fran Hurley (D - IL)

Holds office State House District 35

Candidate in race for State House District 35

Position on Marijuana Legalization

"An important lesson we learned from Prohibition is that it is impossible to enforce a law if a majority of the citizens do not believe in it. Based in the results of Cook County’s recent non-binding referendum on marijuana legalization, it appears a majority of my constituents favor some form of legalized, recreational marijuana usage. Additionally, the possibility of raising new revenue and redirecting law enforcement to more pressing matters, like violent crime, are good arguments for legalization. As such, I favor moving forward with legalization. However, this is not something the state should rush into without careful consideration. Many issues remain unaddressed, like the inability to reliably determine impairment of drivers who may be intoxicated due to marijuana use. The 101st General Assembly should spend considerable time and resources debating this issue before we act."  (Chicago Sun Times, 10/19/18)

Co-sponsored Legislation

SB10 - 'Adds PTSD as a qualifying condition' (2016)

Medical Cannabis Pilot Program
Decriminalization Bill
Ashley's Law
Alternative to Opiates
Contact Fran Hurley

Email: repfranhurley@gmail.com

Web: http://ilhousedems.com/project/rep-fran-hurley/

Phone: 217-782-8200


281-S Stratton Office Building

Springfield, IL 62706

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