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B- Donny Lambeth (R - NC) MEDICAL USE

Holds office State House District 75

Position on Marijuana Legalization

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Position on Medical Marijuana

FOX 8 5/30/2023: This is why medical marijuana keeps being introduced in North Carolina General Assembly 

Rep. Donny Lambeth (R-Forsyth) is a retired hospital administrator and also the author of the Medicaid expansion that was signed into law earlier this year, and he admitted he had “been on the fence” about this bill.

“We obviously have been lobbied by lots of texts and emails,” he said. “Many are concerned that this is a step leading to recreational marijuana. … I saw a lot of people … that celebrated being cured from cancer … lots of difficult diseases … those patients reached out and asked about the vote.

“Those who have gone through very difficult illness and disease – as you have, Sen. Rabon – said this is a way to administer the pain. They said to me – and these are ministers and community leaders – please help us. They believe this [medical cannabis] can help.”

Lambeth said he went on a fact-finding visit to Mississippi – where medical marijuana is legal – with about 15 people to see how medical cannabis was handled there.

They “set this up in a very controlled environment, a very large warehouse, with lots of greenhouses. There was strong regulation, strong security. … It made an impression on me.

“I was still on the fence. My biggest concern is that this is a step toward recreational marijuana. … But I see how this was regulated and controlled, and I had a different perspective. … It helped me understand what you are talking about. … Regulators make sure that even dust on the floor has to be accounted for.

“I applaud you for trying to help people in pain. … People want our help. … I appreciate you at least bringing this to us.”

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