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Position on Marijuana Legalization

The Governor remains opposed to broader marijuana law reforms, stating that adult-use legalization will not become law in Florida “while I’m governor.” (Link)

Position on Medical Marijuana

Governor Desantis signed legislation, Senate Bill 182, repealing a legislative ban on the possession and use of herbal cannabis formulations by qualified patients. He had strongly encouraged lawmakers to repeal the herbal cannabis ban, which had been supported by his predecessor, Gov. Rick Scott. The Desantis’ administration also moved forward with legal and regulatory changes to facilitate the establishment of additional licensed dispensaries in the state. (Link)


The Governor says that he wants to make sure the amendment is carried out “in a way for the folks that voted for it that they can feel that that’s what they voted for.” (1/15/19) (Link)

During the election campaign, Gov. DeSantis pledged to fully implement the state's voter-initiated medical marijuana access program. The program had been largely opposed by the previous administration. By contrast, he has expressed opposition to adult use marijuana law reform. (8/31/18) (Link)

“I am going to implement the will of the voters,” DeSantis told WPLG 10News. “They passed medical marijuana overwhelmingly, and my view is is we have a process in Florida when that happens, then we shouldn’t play games with it. We should just simply implement it.”

“Now I’m not somebody that thinks having recreational marijuana for young people is good. I think that will make it more difficult for people to succeed. And I think parents right now—it’s very difficult to raise children in the modern technological environment, you’ve got so many different distractions, to throw marijuana into it and make it more prevalent, I think would make it harder for parents. But on the medical side, we’ve got to respect the will of the voters.” 8/29/18

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Veterans Equal Access Amendment
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