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B- Charles McCall (R - OK) DECRIMINALIZE

Holds office State House District 22


McCall, R-Atoka, whose district includes a portion of eastern Garvin County, said this effort is to determine the most efficient way to enact the will of the voters.

“Oklahoma is in unchartered territory, and there are still a lot of unanswered questions and differing opinions on how to create the best regulatory framework that ensures patients have access to safe and effective medicinal products. I hope it can be done quickly, but more importantly, it needs to be done right.” 7/21/18

House Speaker Charles McCall can’t help but laugh when asked if his Republican caucus members are considering legalizing marijuana to help fill the state’s gaping budget hole.

“In all seriousness, that is one that hasn’t popped up yet,” said the Atoka Republican. “We’re really going to be at the bottom of the options if we’re talking about that.” 4/7/17

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Email: charles.mccall@okhouse.gov

Web: https://www.okhouse.gov/Members/District.aspx?District=22

Phone: 405-557-7412


2300 North Lincoln Boulevard, Room 401

Oklahoma City, OK 73105

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