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B- Nancy Mace (R - SC) MEDICAL USE

Speaking on the concern of illegal resale of medical cannabis: “I have a newsflash, the black market for pot is already well in existence,” said Mace. “If someone is terminally ill and medical marijuana will help them, we want them to receive it in a legal manner so they’re not going out and getting something that might do them harm.”(2019)

Holds office State House District 99

Candidate in race for U.S. House District 1

Position on Medical Marijuana

Supports Non-Smokable Medical Cannabis For Terminal Illness And Lifelong, Debilitating Medical Conditions. (2019)

Co-sponsored Legislation

H 3660- SC Compassionate Care Act


Speaking on medical cannabis: “We’re not talking about joints, bongs and blunts and that sort of thing, smoking marijuana," Mace said. "We’re talking about delivering it in a manner that will help patients that are in severe need of it, whether that’s terminal illness, cancer, a child with epilepsy.” (2019)


308B Blatt Building

Columbia, SC 29201

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