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D Laurie Davies (R - CA)

Republican Assemblywoman Davies, who also owns a wedding planning business, failed to post a single good vote on key cannabis legislation in 2021-2.  

Holds office State Assembly District 74


Laurie is the candidate in this race that has been endorsed by Orange County law enforcement. Sheriffs Barnes and Hutchens support Laurie’s candidacy because they know she puts the safety of her community first, and she’ll do the same in Sacramento. 

Laurie believes that AB 109, Prop 47 & 57 have only emboldened criminals in our state and limit the ability of our law enforcement officers to put felons behind bars. Laurie believes in repealing these measures or, at the very minimum, reforming them, so they are less harmful to the people of California.

As Mayor, keeping Laguna Niguel a safe place to live has always been a top priority for Laurie. She has worked with the Orange County Fire Authority and the American Red Cross to install fire alarms in 86 in-home visits. This effort installed over 300 fire alarms and educated over 200 residents on the use of fire alarms. 

Laurie has also worked with the local police department to provide education on anti-bullying programs, teen driving safety, and to increase the number of Neighborhood Watch programs by 30%. 

During her time on the city council, she worked with her colleagues to add two police officers to the payroll to better enforce speeding and DUI’s. Most cities are making cuts, but Mayor Davies believes that investing in our communities is critical, and that is why Laguna Niguel has been named one of the ten safest cities in California. https://www.daviesforca.com/

AB 2188 (Quirk - 2022) - employment rights to use cannabis off-the-job
SB 1186 (Wiener - 2022) - require local governments to permit medical cannabis sales or delivery
SB 1326 (Caballero - 2022) - interstate commerce agreements
AB 2595 (Jones-Sawyer - 2022) - child protection allowance for cannabis
Contact Laurie Davies

Email: info@daviesforca.com

Web: https://www.daviesforca.com/



Capitol Office 1021 O Street, Suite 4720

Sacramento, CA 95814

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