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A Eric Ebersole (D - MD)

Holds office State House District 44A

"Yes. Like so many other states, I feel the time has come to acknowledge the proliferation of cannabis here, to regulate it, and recognize it as a valuable revenue source. If we legalize adult use, we will be able regulate its presentation and sale with age limits and dosages. We will have better control of who purchases and uses it. As important, we will be able to list dosages so individuals will can self-regulate. In the same way that beer and alcohol list percentages and proofs, those who partake will be able to manage their use with information. Additionally, the revenue from taxation of sale and manufacture will provide a source of income that can be used for public education and treatment for those who find it difficult to control their use of harmful drugs. Greater enforcement of public use, particularly use while driving will be possible." Link

Contact Eric Ebersole

Email: eric.ebersole@house.state.md.us

Web: https://msa.maryland.gov/msa/mdmanual/06hse/html/msa17056.html

Phone: 410-841-3328


Lowe House Office Building, Room 305 6 Bladen Street

Annapolis, MD 21401

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