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B Tim Melson (R - AL) MEDICAL USE
No stated position.

Holds office State Senate District 1

Sponsored Legislation

Main sponsor of a bill to regulate medical marijuana access


"It’s not the first line of treatment," said Melson, an anesthesiologist by training. "There’s a couple of people who have said this isn’t a miracle drug, but it can work miracles with people who need it."

The senator has championed the issue in the last two legislative sessions and said during debate on Thursday that his chief concern was allowing patients who might benefit from cannabis to obtain it.

"I will say there’s been a lot of concerns about big money, that this was only a way to get people to make money," he said. "My whole goal is to get it to patients who need it." (3/12/20)

Contact Tim Melson

Email: tim.melson@alsenate.gov

Web: http://www.legislature.state.al.us/aliswww/ISD/ALSenator.aspx?OID_SPONSOR=100444&OID_PERSON=7688

Phone: 334-261-0773


11 South Union Street, Suite 732

Montgomery, AL 36130-4600

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