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D Ben Sasse (R - NE)

Senator Sasse has largely avoided the topic of marijuana legalization. In the limited statements he has made on the subject, Senator Sasse asserts his belief that marijuana laws should be left up to the individual states. 

Holds office U.S. Senate


"I believe our society doesn't need more drugs because, like every Nebraska parent, I want what is best for my children. At the same time, I generally believe that contentious issues should be handled, whenever possible, by states rather than federal bureaucracies. This policy discussion is more complicated than the current debate often suggests because Congress has passed domestic drug laws to fulfill international treaties. As Nebraskans consider these issues, we should pay close attention to the emerging data on health and safety from states like Colorado and examine the increased burden on Nebraska's law enforcement."


107 Russell Senate Office Building

Washington, DC 20510

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