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D- Judy Ward (R - PA)

Holds office State Senate District 30


In an Op-Ed titled: Rush to Marijuana Legalization for Recreational Use Ignores Real Public Health and Safety Concerns Judy Ward says: 

"Marijuana is not as harmless as some who favor legalization claim, and the science is clear. The National Institutes of Health, the Mayo Clinic, the Cleveland Clinic and the World Health Organization all agree that marijuana is an addictive substance that can trigger dependency and withdrawal symptoms. Research from the National Institute of Drug Abuse concludes marijuana use doubles a person’s risk for developing opioid addiction and that four in 10 users will abuse harder drugs in their lifetime. The statistics are worse when it comes to our youth. Sixty percent of new marijuana users each year are under age 18, and marijuana is the number one reason adolescents are admitted to substance-abuse treatment in the United States." 3/17/22


2021: Expands the Medical Marijuana Act, HB 1024
2015: Establishes Medical Marijuana Program, SB 3
Contact Judy Ward

Email: jward@pasen.gov

Web: https://www.legis.state.pa.us/cfdocs/legis/home/member_information/Senate_bio.cfm?id=1683

Phone: 717-787-5490


Senate Box 203030 362 Main Capitol

Harrisburg, PA 17120-3030

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