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Vocal critic of the war on marijuana, Lieu has been a strong supporter and co-sponsor of cannabis reform legislation.

Holds office U.S. House District 36

Sponsored Legislation

H.R.4816 - Stop Civil Asset Forfeiture Funding for Marijuana Suppression Act of 2018 (2017-2018)

Co-sponsored Legislation
H.R.3617 - The MORE Act of 2021
H.R.1996 - SAFE Banking Act of 2021

H.R.2093 - STATES Act of 2019

H.R.1595 - SAFE Banking Act of 2019

H.R.3884 - MORE Act of 2019

H.R.1456 - Marijuana Justice Act of 2019

H.R.2843 - Marijuana Freedom and Oppurtunity Act



"Ten years ago, this would have seemed like an improbable day. As an original co-sponsor of this legislation, I am proud of the House for taking this important step towards removing the federal prohibition on cannabis and addressing some of the impacts of the so-called 'war on drugs,’” Rep. Lieu said. "It is my longstanding belief that law enforcement resources and taxpayer money should not be used to enforce ill-advised cannabis laws. For decades, anti-cannabis laws have been used to disproportionately target black and brown communities and it is vital that corrective actions like the MORE Act help rectify these disastrous policies. California has a successful history of legalizing medicinal and recreational cannabis and, as a result, has one of the lowest rates of racial disparities among those arrested for cannabis possession. By de-scheduling cannabis, we can allow for things like adequate product regulation, safe banking, and a redirection of law enforcement resources to issues of graver concern. This bill is as smart as it is just." 12/4/20

"The Federal Government has a responsibility to spend taxpayer money wisely. Instead, AG Jeff Sessions would rather waste federal dollars by attacking marijuana, which has been legalized either for medical or recreational use in the majority of states in the U.S. The DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program is a waste of time and money and runs contrary to the will of the people."

AG Jeff Sessions apparently wants to take America back to the 1920s. Prohibition didn't work then and it will not work now. Congress needs to pass sensible laws to prevent a monumental waste of precious federal resources chasing Americans who use [cannabis].

Dear Attorney General Jeff Sessions and @TheJusticeDept: Let me give you a list of things more important for federal prosecutors and federal law enforcement to pursue other than marijuana: 1. Basically anything.

"It's funny-- but not actually funny-- that states' rights matter to the Trump Administration and Republicans only when it's politically expedient. AG Session's vendetta against democratically legalized marijuana is a humongous waste of federal resources and has proven to be unpopular at the state and national level."

"It makes zero sense for the federal government to continue to spend taxpayer dollars on cannabis eradication at a time when states across the country are looking to legalize marijuana," Rep. Ted Lieu (D-Calif.) told me earlier this year. "I will continue to fight against DEA's Domestic Cannabis Eradication/Suppression Program in Congress and work to redirect these funds to worthwhile programs."

"The DEA's policy perpetuates the nonsensical divergence between state and federal medical marijuana policies. The DEA should be spending its limited resources on targeting high priority narcotics rather than erecting roadblocks to medical marijuana."
"The DEA's refusal to reclassify marijuana to permit medical use is a cruel decision that ignores the suffering of patients who find well-documented relief in medical cannabis products. It also shows a profound disregard for where the medical community and the American public stand on the issue. Medical decisions should be made between a patient and his or her doctor--not the government."

"It is far overdue for the Obama Administration to bring an end to a draconian marijuana policy. Forty-one states have legalized medical cannabis to varying degrees, and four states and the District of Columbia have fully legalized marijuana. As other states look to legalize this fall, including California, it makes zero sense for marijuana to still be placed on Schedule I, a group which includes dangerous substances such as heroin and LSD. With a majority of the American public now embracing legalization, I hope the federal government will follow their lead."


2021: The Medical Marijuana Research Act, HR 5657


2021: The MORE Act, HR 3617


2021: The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1996


2019: MORE Act Judiciary Committee Vote


2019: The SAFE Banking Act, HR 1595


2019: Blumenauer/McClintock/Norton Amendment to Protect Legalization


2016: Veterans Equal Access Amendment


2015: Rohrabacher/Farr Amendment to Protect Medical

2015: McClintock/Polis Amendment to Protect Legalization
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Web: https://www.lieuforcongress.com/

Phone: 202-225-3976


2454 Rayburn HOB

Washington, DC 20515

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